GHRP-6 Nasal Spray

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GHRP-6 Nasal Spray

CAS Number 87616-84-0
Molar Mass 873.032 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C46H56N12O6
IUPAC Name L-histidyl-D-tryptophyl-L-alanyl-L-tryptophyl-D-phenylalanyl-L-Lysinamide


GHRP-6 Nasal Spray represents a research product expressly designed for scientific investigations and is strictly not intended for human consumption. Belonging to the growth hormone-releasing peptide (GHRP) class, GHRP-6 offers researchers an opportunity to delve into its properties and potential applications within a controlled laboratory setting.

Key Characteristics

GHRP-6, a synthetic peptide, exhibits distinct molecular characteristics and purity suitable for rigorous laboratory studies. Researchers can utilize GHRP-6 Nasal Sprays to explore their effects and interactions within the boundaries of ethical and legal research practices.

Research Applications

GHRP-6 Nasal Sprays find applications in a range of research areas, including endocrinology, cardiovascular health, and neurobiology. Researchers can employ this product to investigate the multifaceted effects of GHRP-6, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of its potential physiological impacts.

Research Benefits

GHRP-6 and Sleep Research

Studies suggest a potential connection between GHRP-6 and sleep improvement. Researchers can investigate the neurobiological mechanisms underlying this association, aiming to contribute to the understanding of how GHRP-6 may influence sleep patterns and potentially address issues related to sleep disorders.

GHRP-6 and Cardiovascular Research

Research indicates a possible correlation between GHRP-6 and aspects of cardiovascular health. Exploring the peptide’s impact on cardiovascular function, vascular health, and related pathways can contribute to our understanding of its potential applications in promoting heart health.

GHRP-6 and Cognitive Research

There is emerging research suggesting a link between GHRP-6 and brain health. Researchers can delve into the neuroprotective properties of GHRP-6, examining its potential effects on neuronal function, cognitive processes, and neurodegenerative conditions, thereby contributing to advancements in brain health research.


GHRP-6 Nasal Sprays offer researchers a valuable tool to explore the potential benefits of the synthetic peptide within the realm of scientific inquiry. As a research product, it is essential to emphasize that GHRP-6 is not intended for human use, and its application should strictly adhere to ethical and legal research guidelines. The outlined benefits provide a glimpse into the potential areas of exploration, contributing to the broader scientific understanding of GHRP-6 and its implications in various physiological processes.


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Nasal Spray


100mcg per spray/10ml/10mg


5 reviews for GHRP-6 Nasal Spray

  1. Maddison

    Enhances growth hormone release. Convenient nasal spray format.

  2. Hargraves

    The Results are amazing. My appetite is better regulated

  3. Shaun

    Amazing product!

  4. Jaxon

    This GHRP-6 Nasal Spray has exceeded my expectations. Energy levels are through the roof!

  5. Dalton

    Boosted my energy levels. Easy to use. Recommend it!

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