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9-Me-BC Liquid

CAS Number 2521-07-5
Molar Mass 182.226 g·mol−1
Chemical Structure C12H10N2
IUPAC Name 5-Methyl-5H-pyrido[3,4-b]indole


9-ME-BC is a research compound exclusively intended for research purposes and not for human consumption. This compound has gained recognition within the scientific community for its potential neurobiological benefits and applications, making it a valuable tool in various research studies, particularly those focused on neuroscience and neuropharmacology.

Key Characteristics

9-ME-BC, or 9-methyl-β-carboline, is characterized by its unique ability to interact with the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) signaling pathway. This interaction with the BDNF system has made it an intriguing compound for researchers aiming to explore its effects on neuroprotection, cognition, and neuroplasticity.

Research Applications

Researchers have identified several promising applications for 9-ME-BC. It has primarily been employed in studies investigating its neuroprotective properties, its potential to enhance cognitive function and its role in promoting neural plasticity. This compound presents exciting prospects for research into neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive disorders.

Research Benefits:

Cognitive Enhancement

Studies involving 9-ME-BC have shown its potential to enhance cognitive function, particularly in memory and learning. This benefit has significant implications for research into cognitive disorders and conditions related to memory impairment.


9-ME-BC exhibits neuroprotective properties, making it a valuable asset for research aimed at understanding and potentially treating neurodegenerative diseases. It has shown potential in safeguarding neurons from damage and supporting overall neural health.

Neural Plasticity

The compound has demonstrated the potential to promote neural plasticity, a crucial aspect of research focused on brain injuries and neurodegenerative conditions. It offers the prospect of aiding in the regeneration of neural connections and the overall adaptability of the brain.


9-ME-BC is a compelling research compound with primary applications in the field of neuroscience and neuropharmacology. Its distinctive interaction with the BDNF signaling pathway has led to research advances in cognitive enhancement, neuroprotection, and neural plasticity. It is essential to emphasize that 9-ME-BC is exclusively meant for research purposes and should not be considered for human consumption.


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