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Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline


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Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder

Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline 
CAS Number 5084-48-1
Molar Mass 277.36 g/mol
Chemical Structure C16H23NO3
IUPAC Name 1-(adamantane-1-carbonyl)pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid


Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder is a research compound explicitly intended for research purposes, and it is not suitable for human consumption. It has gained prominence in the scientific community due to its unique properties and potential applications in various research fields. Researchers have turned to this compound to explore its effects on neurobiological and cognitive aspects, offering new insights into neuroprotection and cognitive enhancement.

Key Characteristics

Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder, in its powdered form, is distinguished by its interactions with neuronal processes and its potential to influence cognitive functions. This compound has captivated the attention of researchers due to its distinctive features related to neural health and cognitive enhancement.

Research Applications

Researchers have harnessed Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder in diverse research fields, particularly in neuroscience and cognitive sciences. Its potential applications encompass research on neuroprotection, cognitive improvement, and the exploration of neural pathways. Its versatile characteristics make it valuable in studies concerning neurodegenerative conditions and cognitive disorders.

Research Benefits

Cognitive Enhancement

Studies have shown the potential of Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder to enhance cognitive functions, such as memory and learning. This benefit has promising implications for research aimed at understanding and addressing cognitive disorders and memory-related conditions.


The compound exhibits neuroprotective properties, making it a valuable asset in research related to neurodegenerative diseases. It demonstrates the capacity to safeguard neural cells from damage, contributing to the overall well-being of neural tissues.

Cognitive Resilience

Researchers have observed that Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder may support cognitive resilience, particularly in aging populations. It has the potential to aid in maintaining cognitive functions and preventing age-related cognitive decline.


Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder is a versatile research compound that has attracted attention in neuroscience and cognitive studies. Its distinct attributes in enhancing cognitive functions, providing neuroprotection, and supporting cognitive resilience offer valuable insights for ongoing research. It is essential to underscore that Adamantyl Carbonyl Proline Powder is exclusively designated for research purposes and is not intended for human consumption.


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