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Oxiracetam Powder

CAS Number 62613-82-5
Molar Mass 158.155 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C6H10N2O3
IUPAC Name (RS)-2-(4-hydroxy-2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide


Oxiracetam Powder is a meticulously formulated research product developed exclusively for scientific exploration, with a strict emphasis on its application in research and the exclusion of any mention of human consumption. This compound serves as a valuable tool for researchers investigating its unique properties and potential benefits in various research domains.

Key Characteristics

Oxiracetam is a member of the racetam class of nootropic compounds, known for its potential cognitive-enhancing effects. Its distinct characteristics make it a subject of interest in research focused on cognitive function and neuroprotection.

Research Applications

Oxiracetam Powder finds versatile applications in research domains, offering researchers a tool to explore its potential benefits. Its applications extend to investigations into dementia, memory enhancement, and potential neuroprotective effects.

Research Benefits

Oxiracetam and Dementia

Studies suggest that Oxiracetam may have potential applications in addressing cognitive decline associated with dementia. Research in this domain aims to understand its mechanisms of action and potential therapeutic applications in dementia-related conditions.

Oxiracetam and Memory

Preliminary research indicates that Oxiracetam may have cognitive-enhancing effects, particularly in the context of memory improvement. Investigations into its impact on memory processes contribute to understanding its potential applications in memory-related conditions.

Oxiracetam and Neuroprotection

Research suggests that Oxiracetam may have implications for neuroprotection, potentially influencing neuronal survival and function. Studies exploring its effects on neuroprotection contribute to understanding its potential applications in preserving overall brain health.


Oxiracetam Powder, developed exclusively for research purposes, provides researchers with a unique avenue for investigating its potential benefits in dementia, memory enhancement, and neuroprotection. The distinctive characteristics of Oxiracetam make it a promising subject for further exploration in neuroscientific and cognitive research.


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