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Adipotide Vials

CAS Number 137525-51-0
Molar Mass 2555.22 g/mol-1
Chemical Formula C111H204N36O28S2
IUPAC Name hexanediamide


Adipotide is a research product designed exclusively for scientific purposes. It is essential to emphasize that Adipotide Vials are not intended for human consumption but are developed for research applications only. This compound has garnered attention in scientific circles for its potential implications in various areas of study.

Key Characteristics

Adipotide is a peptide mimetic compound known for its specificity in targeting adipose tissue. Its unique properties make it a valuable tool in research dedicated to understanding metabolic processes and related conditions.

Research Applications

Adipotide Vials find applications in diverse research domains, including metabolic studies, obesity-related investigations, and explorations into insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.

Research Benefits

Adipotide and Fat Loss

Studies suggest a potential link between Adipotide and fat loss. Research indicates that Adipotide may influence adipose tissue, leading to a reduction in fat mass.

Adipotide and Insulin Resistance

Preliminary findings propose that Adipotide may play a role in addressing insulin resistance. Research in animal models suggests that Adipotide could positively impact insulin sensitivity

Adipotide and Glucose Tolerance

Exploratory studies indicate potential implications of Adipotide in glucose tolerance. Investigations suggest that Adipotide may contribute to improved glucose regulation.


Adipotide Vials offer a specialized tool for researchers investigating various aspects of metabolism, obesity, insulin resistance, and glucose tolerance. It is crucial to underline that the use of Adipotide is strictly limited to research purposes, and its application in any other context, including human consumption, is strictly prohibited.


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