SS-31 (Elamipretide)


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Each peptide vial comes with Free Mixing Kit, which include Free Bacteriostatic Water + Syringes

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SS-31 (Elamipretide) Peptide Vials

SS-31 (Elamipretide)
CAS Number 1334953-95-5
Molar Mass 639.8 g/mol
Chemical Structure C32H49N9O
IUPAC Name D-Arg- dimethyl-Tyr-Lys-Phe-NH2


SS-31, also known as Elamipretide, is a small peptide compound that belongs to a class known as mitochondria-targeted peptides. SS-31 has garnered attention for its potential therapeutic applications in various medical conditions, particularly those involving mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress.

Key Characteristics

Mitochondria are cellular organelles responsible for producing energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) through oxidative phosphorylation. They also play a crucial role in regulating cell death pathways and maintaining cellular homeostasis. Dysfunction of mitochondria can lead to various diseases and conditions, including neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic disorders.

SS-31 potentially targets the inner mitochondrial membrane, where it interacts with cardiolipin, a phospholipid crucial for mitochondrial function. By binding to cardiolipin, SS-31 may help stabilize mitochondrial membranes, enhance ATP production, and reduce oxidative stress and cell death.

Research Applications

Research suggests that SS-31 may have therapeutic potential in several medical conditions, including heart failure, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, ischemia-reperfusion injury, and age-related decline in mitochondrial function.

Clinical trials investigating the efficacy and safety of SS-31 in various diseases are ongoing, reflecting the growing interest in mitochondria-targeted therapies as a novel approach to treating a range of medical conditions.

SS-31 and Cognitive Function

In experiments with mice, the introduction of LPS, a substance known to induce inflammation, led to various cognitive impairments, including mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, inflammation, neuronal cell death, and structural changes in brain cells. 

These deficits resulted in difficulties with learning and memory tasks in standard behavioral tests. However, treatment with Elamipretide significantly improved cognitive performance in these tests. Elamipretide protects against mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress but positively influences brain signaling pathways associated with synaptic function and structure. 

These findings suggest that Elamipretide holds promise as a therapeutic intervention for conditions associated with cognitive impairment.

SS-31 and Sleep Deprivation

The findings of a recent study suggest promising implications for using SS-31 to mitigate the cognitive effects of sleep deprivation. By targeting mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, and synaptic dysfunction, SS-31 showed the potential to improve cognitive impairments induced by chronic sleep deprivation. 

These results highlight SS-31 as a candidate for further exploration in addressing cognitive deficits associated with sleep disturbances, potentially offering therapeutic benefits for individuals experiencing sleep deprivation-related cognitive impairment.

SS-31 Emerging Role in Pre-Clinical Studies

SS-31 has shown promising results in preclinical studies by enhancing mitochondrial function, which benefits various organ systems, such as skeletal muscles, eyes, brain, heart, and kidneys. 

Significantly, it has advanced into clinical trials for conditions including mitochondrial myopathy, autosomal genetic diseases, mitochondrial genetic diseases, heart failure, myocardial reperfusion injury, renal reperfusion injury, and age-related skeletal muscle issues.


SS-31, also known as Elamipretide, is a mitochondria-targeted peptide compound with potential therapeutic applications for mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress conditions. In preclinical studies, it has demonstrated benefits across multiple organ systems. Ongoing clinical trials are exploring its efficacy and safety in various diseases, including heart failure, neurodegenerative disorders, and mitochondrial myopathy. 


Additionally, recent research suggests SS-31’s potential to improve cognitive impairments induced by conditions such as sleep deprivation, highlighting its promising role in addressing cognitive deficits associated with mitochondrial dysfunction.


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