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MOTS-c Vials

CAS Number 1627580-64-6
Molar Mass  2174.7 g/mol
Chemical Structure C101H152N28O22S2
IUPAC Name H-Met-Arg-Trp-G


Introducing top-tier Peptide Vials meticulously crafted for research endeavors, showcasing the remarkable MOTS-c peptide. This product boasts exceptional qualities, a wide range of applications, and numerous benefits across various research scenarios, establishing itself as an invaluable tool for scientific exploration.

Key Characteristics

MOTS-c Vials exhibit exceptional purity and consistency, providing researchers with a reliable tool for their studies. The product is designed exclusively for research purposes and should not be considered for human consumption.

Research Applications

The versatility of MOTS-c makes it applicable to various research areas. Researchers can explore its effects on cellular function, metabolism, and other physiological processes.

Research Benefits

MOTS-c and Longevity

Numerous research studies suggest a potential link between MOTS-c and longevity. Investigations into cellular aging and lifespan extension have shown promising results, indicating MOTS-c’s role as a key player in these processes.

MOTS-c and Obesity

Studies in the realm of obesity research have highlighted MOTS-c’s impact on metabolic regulation. The peptide demonstrates potential benefits in mitigating obesity-related factors, making it a subject of interest for researchers exploring novel approaches to address this global health concern.

MOTS-c and Fatty Acids

Research indicates that MOTS-c may influence fatty acid metabolism. This has implications for understanding the peptide’s role in energy regulation and may open avenues for investigating its potential therapeutic applications in conditions related to lipid metabolism.


MOTS-c Vials offer a valuable resource for researchers delving into the intricate realms of longevity, obesity, and fatty acid metabolism. With its meticulously designed formulation, this research product stands as a crucial tool in advancing scientific understanding and exploring potential applications of the MOTS-c peptide.


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