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Zinc Citrate


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Zinc Citrate Powder

Zinc Citrate
CAS Number 5990-32-9
Molar Mass 610.35 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C12H10O14Zn3.2H2O
IUPAC Name trizinc;2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate


Zinc Citrate, a chemical compound containing zinc and citric acid, is a research substance exclusively intended for scientific investigation. Widely recognized for its potential benefits, researchers are exploring the various applications of Zinc Citrate in studies related to immune function, muscle growth, and obesity.

Key Characteristics

Zinc Citrate is characterized by its composition, comprising zinc, an essential trace element, and citric acid. This compound is selected for research purposes due to its unique properties and the potential impact of zinc on various physiological processes.

Research Applications

Researchers are actively investigating the diverse applications of Zinc Citrate in the scientific realm. From its influence on immune function to its role in muscle growth and potential implications for obesity-related studies, Zinc Citrate serves as a subject of interest in ongoing research endeavors.

Research Benefits

Zinc Citrate and Immune Function

Numerous studies suggest that zinc plays a crucial role in immune function. Research involving Zinc Citrate aims to delve into the mechanisms by which this compound may influence immune responses, contributing valuable insights into the intricate relationship between zinc and the immune system.

Zinc Citrate and Muscle Growth

Preliminary investigations are exploring the potential impact of Zinc Citrate on muscle growth. Zinc is known to be involved in various physiological processes, and researchers are keen to understand whether Zinc Citrate supplementation could have implications for muscle development.

Zinc Citrate and Obesity

Some studies have hinted at a potential link between zinc and metabolic processes, raising questions about the role of Zinc Citrate in obesity-related research. Ongoing investigations seek to uncover whether Zinc Citrate may have any influence on factors associated with obesity.


Zinc Citrate, with its distinctive composition, is a subject of ongoing research in scientific inquiries. Researchers are particularly interested in understanding its potential benefits in immune function, and muscle growth, and its implications for obesity-related studies.


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