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Unifiram Powder

CAS Number 272786-64-8
Molar Mass 298.33 g/mol
Chemical Formula C13H15FN2O3S
IUPAC Name 2-(4-fluorophenyl)sulfonyl-1,3,4,7,8,8a-hexahydropyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazin-6-onee


Unifiram, a nootropic compound, stands at the forefront of cognitive enhancement research. Notable for its potent effects on cognitive performance, Unifiram has gained attention in the scientific community for its potential applications in memory enhancement and neuroprotective properties.

Key Characteristics

Unifiram belongs to the racetam family of nootropics and is distinguished by its unique chemical structure and mechanisms of action. It is recognized for its ability to modulate glutamate receptors, promoting synaptic plasticity and neurotransmitter release.

Research Applications

Unifiram has been studied extensively for its potential applications in cognitive research, focusing on memory enhancement, learning abilities, and overall cognitive function. Researchers are exploring its effects on neuroplasticity and synaptic transmission, shedding light on its potential therapeutic applications.

Research Benefits

Unifiram on Increased Cognitive Performance and Anti-Amnesiac Effects

Research indicates that Unifiram may contribute to increased cognitive performance, particularly in tasks related to memory and learning. Studies suggest potential anti-amnesiac effects, making Unifiram a subject of interest for researchers exploring cognitive disorders and age-related cognitive decline.

Unifiram May Prevent Memory Impairment and Loss

Investigations into Unifiram’s impact on memory suggest a potential role in preventing memory impairment and loss. Researchers are exploring its neuroprotective properties, aiming to understand how it may mitigate cognitive decline associated with various conditions.


Unifiram Powder, a novel nootropic compound, exhibits promising attributes for cognitive research. With a focus on memory enhancement, cognitive performance, and neuroprotection, Unifiram opens avenues for further exploration in the field of neuroscience. Researchers engaged in cognitive studies may find value in investigating the unique characteristics and potential benefits of Unifiram.


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