Sermorelin + GHRP-6 Blend


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Sermorelin + GHRP-6 Blend

CAS Number 86168-78-7
Molar Mass 3357.93 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C149H246N44O42S
IUPAC Name L-Tyrosyl-L-alanyl-L-α-aspartyl-L-alanyl-L-isoleucyl-L-phenylalanyl-L-threonyl-L-asparaginyl-L-seryl-L-tyrosyl-L-arginyl-L-lysyl-L-valyl-L-leucylglycyl-L-glutaminyl-L-leucyl-L-seryl-L-alanyl-L-arginyl-L-lysyl-L-leucyl-L-leucyl-L-glutaminyl-L-α-aspartyl-L-isoleucyl-L-methionyl-L-seryl-L-argininamide
CAS Number 87616-84-0
Molar Mass 873.032 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C46H56N12O6
IUPAC Name L-histidyl-D-tryptophyl-L-alanyl-L-tryptophyl-D-phenylalanyl-L-Lysinamide


The Sermorelin + GHRP-6 Blend is a research peptide formulation tailored for scientific investigation. Combining the properties of Sermorelin and GHRP-6, this blend is designed to facilitate research into growth-related processes, potential synergies, and the impact on testosterone and brain health.

Key Characteristics

Sermorelin is known for its ability to stimulate growth hormone release, Sermorelin is a vital component contributing to the growth-related focus of this research blend. GHRP-6 is recognized for its growth hormone-releasing properties, GHRP-6 complements Sermorelin, offering researchers a comprehensive tool for studying growth-related processes.

Research Applications

The Sermorelin + GHRP-6 Blend is specifically formulated for researchers exploring growth-related processes, potential synergies between Sermorelin and GHRP-6, and examining the effects on testosterone and brain health.

Research Benefits

Potential for Synergistic Benefit

Researchers are encouraged to investigate the combined effects of Sermorelin and GHRP-6, exploring potential synergies in growth-related processes.

Sermorelin and Testosterone

Studies may focus on understanding the relationship between Sermorelin and testosterone, providing insights into potential hormonal interactions.

GHRP-6 and Brain Health

The blend offers a platform for research into the potential impact of GHRP-6 on brain health, contributing to a deeper understanding of its effects.


The Sermorelin + GHRP-6 Blend stands as a valuable research tool for scientific exploration into growth-related processes, potential synergies, and the effects on testosterone and brain health. Researchers can leverage this blend to gain insights into the combined effects of Sermorelin and GHRP-6.


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