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Piracetam Powder

CAS Number 7491-74-9
Molar Mass 142.158 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C6H10N2O2
IUPAC Name 2-(2-Oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide


Piracetam Powder is a widely researched nootropic compound known for its cognitive-enhancing properties. As a subject of numerous scientific investigations, Piracetam has garnered interest for its potential benefits in various cognitive and neurological applications. It is crucial to emphasize that Piracetam Powder is strictly intended for research purposes, and any allusion to human consumption is explicitly prohibited.

Key Characteristics

Piracetam is characterized by its nootropic effects, with research suggesting positive influences on cognitive function and neuroprotection. Its mechanism of action involves the modulation of neurotransmission, making it a focus of studies exploring cognitive disorders and recovery from neurological challenges.

Research Applications

Researchers explore Piracetam Powder in diverse applications within the realm of cognitive and neurological research. Its potential to impact mild cognitive disorders, aid in post-stroke recovery, and influence memory processes makes it a versatile compound for scientific investigations.

Research Benefits

Piracetam and Mild Cognitive Disorders

Studies suggest that Piracetam may have potential benefits for individuals with mild cognitive disorders. Research explores its effects on cognitive function, memory, and overall cognitive well-being.

Piracetam and Post-Stroke Recovery

Piracetam has been studied for its role in post-stroke recovery. Research in this area investigates its neuroprotective properties and potential to support cognitive rehabilitation following a stroke.

Piracetam and Memory

Studies explore the influence of Piracetam on memory processes. Its impact on memory formation, retention, and recall is a subject of interest for researchers examining cognitive enhancement.


In summary, Piracetam Powder stands as a valuable compound in cognitive and neurological research, showing potential benefits for mild cognitive disorders, post-stroke recovery, and memory enhancement. However, it is crucial to reiterate that Piracetam Powder is exclusively intended for research purposes, and any inference to human consumption is strictly prohibited.


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