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PEG MGF Peptide
CAS Number N/A
Molar Mass 2867.2.g.mol-1
Chemical Formula C121H200N42O39


Peptide Vials containing PEG MGF (Polyethylene Glycol Mechano Growth Factor) are a highly sought-after product for researchers in various scientific fields. These vials offer exceptional characteristics, applications, and benefits that make them an invaluable tool in research contexts.

Key Characteristics

The product, PEG MGF Vials, comprises a PEGylated form of Mechano Growth Factor, ensuring high purity and stability to yield reliable research outcomes. It offers precise dosage presentation in vials, facilitating controlled experimentation, and is manufactured in adherence to rigorous research standards.

Research Applications

PEG MGF Vials find application in diverse research areas such as regenerative medicine, musculoskeletal studies, and cardiovascular research. The encapsulated PEG MGF peptide allows for targeted investigations into its effects on specific biological processes.

Research Benefits

PEG MGF Peptide and Bone Repair

Studies suggest that PEG MGF may play a role in promoting bone repair and regeneration. The peptide’s interaction with growth factors could contribute to enhanced bone healing processes, making it a valuable subject for further investigation in orthopedic research.

PEG MGF Peptide and Heart Disease

Research has explored the potential cardiovascular benefits of PEG MGF. Preliminary findings indicate that the peptide might exhibit cardioprotective properties, making it an intriguing candidate for studies related to heart disease and cardiac health.

PEG MGF Peptide and Stroke

Emerging research suggests that PEG MGF may have neuroprotective effects, potentially offering benefits in stroke-related studies. Investigations into the peptide’s impact on neural regeneration and recovery mechanisms are ongoing.


AICAR Vials offer a valuable tool for researchers aiming to explore the diverse applications of AICAR in various scientific domains. From diabetes-related studies to investigations into brain functions and heart health, the controlled dosage provided by AICAR Vials facilitates precise experimentation.


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