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CAS Number 147732-56-7
Molar Mass 578.8g.mol-1
Chemical Formula C30H54N6O5
IUPAC Name (2S)-6-amino-2-[[(2S)-2-[[2-(hexadecanoylamino)acetyl]amino]-3-(1H-imidazol-5-yl)propanoyl]amino]hexanoic acid


PAL-GHK Vials are a cutting-edge research product designed for non-human research purposes only. This formulation incorporates GHK-Cu, a tripeptide known for its potential in various research applications, excluding human consumption.

Key Characteristics

PAL-GHK Vials feature a precise combination of GHK-Cu, a copper-peptide complex, ensuring stability and effectiveness for research purposes. The vials are formulated to meet the stringent standards of laboratory research, promoting consistent and reliable results.

Research Applications

PAL-GHK Vials are intended for diverse research applications, including but not limited to cell culture studies, tissue engineering, and explorations into molecular and cellular processes. The product is tailored to support investigations in non-human systems.

Research Benefits

Collagen Degradation Ex Vivo

Studies have demonstrated the potential of PAL-GHK Vials in facilitating collagen degradation ex vivo. The formulation exhibits a capacity to influence extracellular matrix remodeling, suggesting applications in research related to tissue regeneration and remodeling processes.

Dermal Skin Layers

PAL-GHK Vials have shown promise in research involving dermal skin layers. The inclusion of GHK-Cu in the formulation has been associated with enhanced cellular processes, suggesting potential applications in understanding skin biology and development.

Wound Healing

Research indicates that PAL-GHK Vials may contribute to the field of wound healing research. The formulation exhibits properties that could be explored for their impact on cell migration, angiogenesis, and other processes associated with tissue repair and regeneration.


PAL-GHK Vials present a valuable tool for non-human research endeavors, offering a precise combination of GHK-Cu for investigating various cellular and molecular processes. The product’s key benefits in collagen degradation, dermal skin layers, and wound healing make it a promising asset for researchers engaged in diverse studies related to tissue biology and regeneration. Strict adherence to ethical guidelines and regulations governing research practices is paramount when utilizing PAL-GHK Vials.


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