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Nooglutyl Powder

CAS Number 112193-35-8
Molar Mass 268.225 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C11H12N2O6
IUPAC Name N-[(5-Hydroxy-3-pyridinyl)carbonyl]-L-glutamic acid


Nooglutyl Powder is a specialized research product meticulously crafted for scientific exploration, emphasizing its application in research and strictly avoiding any reference to human consumption. This powdered form of Nooglutyl serves as a valuable tool for researchers delving into its unique properties and potential benefits.

Key Characteristics

Nooglutyl is a substance recognized for its pharmacological characteristics, particularly its potential neuroprotective effects. As a member of the nootropic class, it has become a focus of research due to its possible impact on neurological health.

Research Applications

Nooglutyl Powder finds versatile applications in research domains, providing researchers with a tool to explore its potential benefits. Its applications extend to investigations into neuroprotection following stroke, chronic cerebral ischemia, and brain injury.

Research Benefits

Nooglutyl on Neuroprotection and Stroke

Studies suggest that Nooglutyl may have neuroprotective properties, particularly in the context of stroke. Research in this domain aims to understand its mechanisms of action and potential applications in protecting the brain from damage following a stroke.

Nooglutyl on Chronic Cerebral Ischemia

Preliminary research indicates that Nooglutyl may impact chronic cerebral ischemia, a condition characterized by reduced blood flow to the brain. Investigations into its effects on cerebral blood flow contribute to understanding its potential applications in addressing ischemic conditions.

Nooglutyl on Brain Injury

Research suggests that Nooglutyl may have potential applications in mitigating the effects of brain injury. Studies exploring its impact on neuronal recovery and regeneration contribute to understanding its potential therapeutic role in the context of brain injury.


Nooglutyl Powder, designed exclusively for research purposes, provides researchers with a unique avenue for investigating its potential benefits in neuroprotection following stroke, chronic cerebral ischemia, and brain injury. The distinctive characteristics of Nooglutyl make it a promising subject for further exploration in neurological and neuroscientific research.


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