MGF (Mechano Growth Factor)


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MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) Vials

CAS Number 77591-33-4
Molar Mass 2971.99 g/mol
Chemical Formula C124H204N42O41S1


Presenting MGF Peptide Vials, crafted with precision to meet the varied requirements of researchers across scientific disciplines. MGF, or Mechano Growth Factor, stands out as a potent peptide hormone originating from Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). Boasting exceptional characteristics, MGF proves to be an indispensable asset in research environments, serving as a valuable instrument for scientists exploring the intricacies of muscle growth and regeneration mechanisms.

Key Characteristics

The MGF Vials consist of Mechano Growth Factor, a bioactive peptide naturally produced in response to muscle damage or injury. This synthetic variant is carefully formulated for laboratory investigations, maintaining purity and consistency for reliable research outcomes.

Research Applications

Primarily intended for laboratory use, MGF Vials serve as a crucial tool for researchers exploring various aspects of cellular growth, tissue repair, and regeneration. Its applications span diverse fields, including cell biology, neuroscience, and musculoskeletal research.

Research Benefits

Mechano Growth Factor MGF and Muscle Growth

Studies have indicated that Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) plays a pivotal role in muscle growth and repair. By promoting the activation of satellite cells and stimulating protein synthesis, MGF showcases potential implications for understanding and enhancing muscle regeneration.

Mechano Growth Factor MGF and Neuron Regeneration

Research suggests that MGF exhibits neuroprotective properties and may contribute to neuron regeneration. Investigations in this area aim to uncover the mechanisms through which MGF influences neural tissues, offering insights into potential applications for neurological research.

Mechano Growth Factor MGF and Cartilage Regeneration

In scientific studies, Mechano Growth Factor has shown promise in promoting cartilage regeneration. Researchers exploring musculoskeletal health find MGF Vials to be an asset in investigating the mechanisms involved in cartilage repair, potentially paving the way for advancements in regenerative medicine.


In summary, MGF Vials stand as a dedicated research tool, allowing scientists to delve into the intricate processes of cellular growth, tissue repair, and regeneration. With documented benefits in muscle growth, neuron regeneration, and cartilage repair, MGF Vials offer a platform for advancing scientific understanding in these critical areas. It is essential to emphasize that this product is strictly for research purposes.


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