Methylene Blue


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Methylene Blue Liquid

Methylene Blue
CAS Number 61-73-4
Molar Mass 319.85 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C16H18ClN3S
IUPAC Name 3,7-bis(Dimethylamino)-phenothiazin-5-ium chloride


Methylene Blue Liquid is a meticulously formulated research product designed exclusively for scientific exploration, with a strict exclusion of any reference to human consumption. This liquid form of methylene blue serves as a valuable tool for researchers delving into its unique properties and potential benefits across various research domains.

Key Characteristics

Methylene blue is a synthetic dye with diverse pharmacological properties. Recognized for its ability to act as a redox agent, methylene blue has been a subject of scientific interest for its potential applications in various medical and research contexts.

Research Applications

Methylene Blue Liquid finds versatile applications in research domains, offering researchers a tool to explore its potential benefits. Its applications extend to investigations into methemoglobinemia, septic shock, and cognitive performance.

Research Benefits

Methylene Blue and Methemoglobinemia

Studies suggest that methylene blue may have a role in treating methemoglobinemia, a condition characterized by elevated levels of methemoglobin in the blood. Research in this domain aims to understand its mechanisms of action and potential therapeutic applications.

Methylene Blue and Septic Shock

Preliminary research indicates that methylene blue may have potential applications in the context of septic shock, a life-threatening condition. Investigations into its effects on inflammatory pathways contribute to understanding its potential role in septic shock management (Reference 2).

Methylene Blue and Cognitive Performance

Research suggests that methylene blue may impact cognitive performance, potentially influencing memory and attention. Studies exploring its effects on cognitive function contribute to understanding its potential applications in cognitive enhancement research.


Methylene Blue Liquid, crafted exclusively for research purposes, provides researchers with a unique avenue for investigating its potential benefits in treating methemoglobinemia, addressing septic shock, and influencing cognitive performance. The distinctive characteristics of methylene blue make it a promising subject for further exploration in medical and cognitive research.


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