Leptin 22-56


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Leptin 22-56 Vials

Leptin -22-56 Peptide
CAS Number 177404-21-6
Molar Mass 2004.3g.mol-1
Chemical Formula C87H138N22O28S2


Leptin 22-56 Vials represent an innovative research product tailored exclusively for scientific exploration, devoid of any implication for human consumption. Engineered with precision, these vials contain a specific segment of the leptin peptide, providing researchers with a targeted tool for investigating the multifaceted roles of leptin in various physiological processes.

Key Characteristics

The distinctive feature of Leptin 22-56 Vials lies in the contained peptide sequence, carefully isolated to ensure purity and consistency. Designed with researchers in mind, these vials offer a controlled environment for the study of leptin’s specific molecular actions.

Research Applications

Leptin 22-56 Vials are intended solely for laboratory research purposes, serving as a valuable resource for researchers across diverse scientific disciplines. With a focus on the leptin peptide sequence, these vials provide a platform for in-depth exploration of leptin’s impact on various physiological functions.

Research Benefits

Leptin as an Obese Gene Peptide

Studies have indicated that leptin plays a crucial role as an “obese gene peptide,” influencing metabolic processes and potentially contributing to the regulation of body weight. Leptin 22-56 Vials offer researchers a controlled environment to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying leptin’s involvement in obesity-related pathways.

Leptin and Bone Growth Factor

Research suggests a connection between leptin and bone growth, implicating leptin as a potential factor in bone metabolism. By utilizing Leptin 22-56 Vials, researchers can explore the peptide’s influence on bone growth factors, paving the way for a deeper understanding of its impact on skeletal health.

Leptin and Hemodialysis Co-Morbidities

Leptin has been implicated in co-morbidities associated with hemodialysis patients. Researchers can leverage Leptin 22-56 Vials to investigate the potential links between leptin and hemodialysis-related complications, offering insights that may contribute to the development of targeted interventions.


In conclusion, Leptin 22-56 Vials provide a specialized tool for researchers delving into the intricate roles of the leptin peptide. With applications ranging from its involvement in obesity-related pathways to potential impacts on bone growth and hemodialysis co-morbidities, these vials offer a controlled environment for scientific exploration, exclusively for research purposes and not intended for human consumption.


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