L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP)

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L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) Powder

L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP)
CAS Number 483-14-7
Molar Mass 355.434 g·mol−1
Chemical Formula C21H25NO4
IUPAC Name (13aS)-2,3,9,10-tetramethoxy-6,8,13,13a-tetrahydro-5H-isoquinolino[2,1-b]isoquinoline


L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) Powder is a specialized research product designed exclusively for scientific exploration, explicitly distancing itself from any connection to human consumption. This powdered form of L-THP serves as a valuable tool for researchers delving into its unique properties and potential benefits in various research domains.

Key Characteristics

L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) is recognized for its distinct pharmacological profile. Derived from Corydalis yanhusuo, it exhibits unique characteristics that have piqued the interest of researchers, making it a subject of inquiry in the field of pharmacology.

Research Applications

L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) Powder finds diverse applications in research domains, providing researchers with a tool to explore its potential benefits. It is particularly intriguing for investigations into its analgesic properties, anti-addiction potential, and potential effects on heart health.

Research Benefits

L-Tetrahydropalmatine may contain analgesic properties

Studies suggest that L-THP may possess analgesic properties, making it a subject of interest in research related to pain management. Exploring its mechanisms of action contributes to understanding its potential applications in addressing pain-related conditions.

L-Tetrahydropalmatine may have powerful anti-addiction properties

Preliminary research indicates that L-THP may exhibit anti-addiction properties, particularly in the context of substance abuse. Investigations into its impact on addiction-related pathways contribute to our understanding of its potential therapeutic role.

L-Tetrahydropalmatine could promote heart health

Some studies suggest that L-THP may have cardiovascular benefits, potentially promoting heart health. Research in this domain aims to elucidate its effects on cardiovascular function and its potential applications in maintaining heart health.


L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) Powder, tailored exclusively for research purposes, offers researchers a unique avenue for investigating its potential benefits, including analgesic properties, anti-addiction potential, and potential effects on heart health. The distinctive characteristics of L-THP make it a promising subject for further exploration in pharmacological and medical research.


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