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Hydrafinil Powder

CAS Number 1689-64-1
Molar Mass 182.22 g/mol
Chemical Formula C13H10O
IUPAC Name 9H-Fluoren-9-ol


Hydrafinil Powder is a specialized research product meticulously crafted for scientific exploration, expressly disassociating from any implication of human consumption. This powder formulation of Hydrafinil serves as a tool for researchers delving into its unique properties and potential benefits in the realm of mood enhancement, fatigue reduction, and wakefulness promotion.

Key Characteristics

Hydrafinil, recognized for its distinct pharmacological profile, operates as a eugeroic agent, potentially impacting neurotransmitter systems associated with wakefulness and cognitive function. Its unique characteristics position it as an intriguing compound for neuroscientific investigations.

Research Applications

Hydrafinil Powder finds versatile applications in research domains, providing researchers with a tool to explore its potential benefits, with a particular emphasis on mood enhancement, fatigue reduction, and wakefulness promotion.

Research Benefits

Hydrafinil May Enhance Mood

Preliminary studies suggest that Hydrafinil may have mood-enhancing effects, potentially influencing neurotransmitter systems related to mood regulation. Investigating these effects can contribute to our understanding of its potential applications in mood-related research.

Hydrafinil May Reduce Daytime Fatigue

Research indicates that Hydrafinil may have fatigue-reducing properties, making it a subject of interest for exploring its impact on daytime alertness and cognitive performance.

Hydrafinil May Promote Wakefulness

Studies propose that Hydrafinil, as a eugeroic agent, may have wakefulness-promoting effects. Research in this domain may shed light on its potential applications in addressing conditions related to excessive daytime sleepiness.


Hydrafinil Powder, crafted exclusively for research purposes, offers researchers a unique avenue for investigating its potential benefits in enhancing mood, reducing daytime fatigue, and promoting wakefulness. The distinct characteristics of Hydrafinil make it a promising subject for further exploration in neuroscientific research.


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