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GDF-8 Vials

CAS Number 901758-09-6
Molar Mass 42750g.mol-1
Chemical Formula C221H366N72O67S


GDF-8 Vials are a specialized research product designed for scientific exploration. It is crucial to emphasize that these vials are exclusively for research purposes and are not intended for human consumption. The primary focus of this product is the investigation of GDF-8, a growth factor with significant implications in various physiological processes.

Key Characteristics

Each vial contains a carefully purified form of GDF-8, ensuring high purity and consistency. These characteristics make GDF-8 Vials a reliable tool for researchers exploring the biological roles and effects of GDF-8 in controlled laboratory settings.

Research Applications

GDF-8 Vials find applications in diverse research domains, including molecular biology, cell signaling, and studies related to muscle development and healing. Researchers can leverage these vials to delve into the molecular mechanisms associated with GDF-8 and its potential implications in various aspects of muscle physiology.

Research Benefits

GDF-8 Myostatin Peptide and Muscle Healing Process

Research studies suggest that GDF-8, also known as myostatin, plays a role in the muscle healing process. By influencing the regulation of muscle growth and repair, GDF-8 may contribute to the restoration of damaged muscle tissue, making it a subject of interest for researchers studying muscle injury and recovery.

GDF-8 Myostatin Peptide and Muscle Hypertrophy

Scientific investigations (Reference 3, Reference 4) have explored the potential impact of GDF-8 on muscle hypertrophy. GDF-8, as a negative regulator of muscle growth, may influence the balance between muscle protein synthesis and degradation, contributing to our understanding of muscle hypertrophy processes in various experimental contexts.


GDF-8 Vials serve as an invaluable research tool for scientists investigating the roles of GDF-8, particularly in the muscle healing process and muscle hypertrophy. Adhering to rigorous research standards, these vials provide a foundation for advancing our understanding of GDF-8 and its implications in various aspects of muscle physiology. Researchers are encouraged to explore the provided references for a comprehensive grasp of the existing knowledge in these research areas.


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