FOXO4-DRI (Proxofim)


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FOXO4-DRI (Proxofim) Vials

FOXO4-DRI (Proxofim)
CAS Number
Molar Mass 5358.05 g/mol
Chemical Formula C228H388N86O64
IUPAC Name H-Pyr-Glu-Gln-Leu-Glu-Arg-Ala-Leu-Asn-Ser-Ser-OH


FOXO4-DRI (Proxofim) Vials are a specialized research product designed for scientific exploration. It is crucial to note that these vials are intended strictly for research purposes and are not for human consumption. The primary focus of this product is the investigation of FOXO4-DRI, a promising peptide, and its potential applications in diverse scientific disciplines.

Key Characteristics

Each vial contains a carefully purified form of FOXO4-DRI, ensuring a high standard of purity and consistency. These characteristics make FOXO4-DRI (Proxofim) Vials an ideal tool for researchers delving into the biological roles and effects of FOXO4-DRI in controlled laboratory settings.

Research Applications

FOXO4-DRI (Proxofim) Vials find application in various research domains, including molecular biology, cell signaling, and studies related to aging, heart health, and metabolic disorders. Researchers can utilize these vials to explore the molecular mechanisms associated with FOXO4-DRI and its potential implications in various biological processes.

Research Benefits

FOXO4-DRI on Chemotoxicity and Aging

Research studies have indicated that FOXO4-DRI may influence chemotoxicity and aging processes. By targeting specific cellular pathways, FOXO4-DRI presents a potential avenue for mitigating the adverse effects of chemotoxicity and exploring interventions for age-related conditions.

FOXO4-DRI on Heart Attack

Scientific investigations have explored the potential impact of FOXO4-DRI on heart health, particularly in the context of heart attacks. Preliminary findings suggest that FOXO4-DRI may play a role in influencing cellular processes associated with heart health, warranting further investigation in the realm of cardiovascular research.

FOXO4-DRI on Diabetes Mellitus

Emerging studies have suggested potential links between FOXO4-DRI and diabetes mellitus. FOXO4-DRI’s influence on cellular pathways associated with metabolic regulation makes it a subject of interest for researchers exploring interventions and understanding the complexities of diabetes mellitus.


FOXO4-DRI (Proxofim) Vials serve as a valuable research tool for scientists investigating the diverse roles of FOXO4-DRI in chemotoxicity, aging, heart health, and diabetes mellitus. Adhering to stringent research ethics, these vials provide a foundation for advancing our understanding of FOXO4-DRI and its implications in various biological processes. Researchers are encouraged to explore the provided references for a comprehensive grasp of the existing knowledge in these research areas.


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