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Follistatin Vials

Follistatin 344
CAS Number 80449-31-6
Molar Mass 2888.16g.mol-1
Chemical Formula C121H200N42O39


Follistatin Vials represent a cutting-edge research product developed exclusively for scientific investigation. Rigorous adherence to ethical guidelines underscores that these vials are not intended for human consumption. Instead, they are designed for research purposes, exploring the potential applications of Follistatin-315, a naturally occurring protein, in various scientific domains.

Key Characteristics

Follistatin Vials contain a purified form of Follistatin-315, a protein known for its regulatory effects on muscle growth and other physiological processes. Each vial is meticulously prepared to ensure purity and consistency, meeting the stringent requirements of scientific research.

Research Applications

These vials find application in a multitude of research domains, including molecular biology, cellular physiology, and pharmacology. Researchers can utilize Follistatin Vials to investigate the intricate mechanisms underlying muscle growth, strength enhancement, and other biological processes.

Research Benefits

Follistatin-315 and Muscle Growth

Numerous research studies have demonstrated the potential of Follistatin-315 in promoting muscle growth. By inhibiting the actions of myostatin, a negative regulator of muscle development, Follistatin-315 may contribute to increased muscle mass in various experimental settings.

Follistatin-315 and Muscle Strength

Scientific investigations have suggested that Follistatin-315 may play a role in enhancing muscle strength. The inhibition of myostatin activity by Follistatin-315 has been associated with increased muscle force generation, making it a subject of interest in studies exploring muscle performance.

Follistatin-315 and Hair Growth

Emerging research indicates a potential link between Follistatin-315 and hair growth. Preliminary studies have explored the influence of Follistatin-315 on hair follicle development, opening avenues for further investigation into its role in hair-related research.


Follistatin Vials presents a valuable tool for researchers delving into the intricate realms of muscle biology, strength enhancement, and potential implications in hair growth. The product’s foundation in sound scientific research and adherence to ethical guidelines underscores its suitability for advancing our understanding of Follistatin-315 and its diverse physiological roles. Researchers are encouraged to explore the references provided for a comprehensive understanding of the existing body of knowledge in these areas.


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