Bemethyl (Bemetil)

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Bemethyl (Bemetil) Powder

CAS Number 14610-11-8
Molar Mass 259.17 g/mol
Chemical Formula C9H11BrN2S
IUPAC Name 2-Ethylsulfanyl-1’H-benzimidazole


Bemethyl Powder is an advanced research substance meticulously developed exclusively for scientific research purposes, and it should not be considered for human consumption under any circumstances. This product has gained prominence within the research community due to its unique characteristics and potential applications in a variety of scientific investigations. Researchers have harnessed the properties of Bemethyl Powder to explore its effects on different physiological processes, offering valuable insights into potential benefits in research settings.

Key Characteristics

Bemethyl Powder is distinguished by its interactions with specific biochemical pathways, primarily focusing on neurotransmitter modulation. This compound is recognized for its potential to affect neural functioning, making it a compelling subject for research across various scientific disciplines.

Research Applications

Bemethyl Powder holds versatile applications within the scientific community, particularly in the fields of neuroscience, pharmacology, and behavioral research. Its primary research applications encompass investigations related to neurotransmitter regulation, cognitive function, and the modulation of neural pathways. These applications make it a promising asset for research in neuroscience and mental health studies.

Research Benefits

Neurotransmitter Modulation

Studies have indicated that Bemethyl Powder may influence the regulation of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. This benefit holds significance for neuroscience research, contributing to our understanding of neural signaling and synaptic transmission.

Cognitive Function Enhancement

Research on Bemethyl Powder has explored its potential effects on cognitive function and memory enhancement. These findings provide valuable insights into the compound’s influence on learning and memory processes.

Modulation of Neural Pathways

Studies have delved into the effects of Bemethyl Powder on neural pathways and signal transmission within the brain. Understanding how this compound modulates neural pathways contributes to our knowledge of essential cognitive processes.


Bemethyl Powder is a research compound with multifaceted applications, particularly in the realms of neuroscience and pharmacology. Its key characteristics, including neurotransmitter modulation, cognitive function enhancement, and neural pathway modulation, make it a valuable resource for scientific investigations. It is crucial to emphasize that Bemethyl Powder is intended exclusively for research purposes and should never be considered for human consumption.


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