Alarelin Acetate


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Alarelin Acetate Vials

Alarelin Acetate 
CAS Number 79561-22-1
Molar Mass 1287.4
Chemical Formula C56H78N16O12


Alarelin Acetate Vials are a specialized research product meticulously formulated for scientific investigation purposes. Containing Alarelin Acetate Peptide, this product is designed to facilitate controlled experiments in various research applications.

Key Characteristics

The vials contain high-purity Alarelin Acetate Peptide, ensuring consistency and reliability in research settings. The product is manufactured to provide researchers with precise and measurable dosages for their experiments, adhering to the highest standards of quality.

Research Applications

Alarelin Acetate Vials find applications in diverse scientific research, focusing on understanding the peptide’s influence on specific physiological processes.

Research Benefits

Alarelin Acetate Peptide and Ovulation

Studies have suggested that Alarelin Acetate may play a role in regulating ovulation. Research indicates that the peptide could influence the reproductive system, potentially affecting the timing and efficiency of ovulation.

Alarelin Acetate Peptide and Gastric Acid Secretion

In gastrointestinal research, Alarelin Acetate has been investigated for its impact on gastric acid secretion. Preliminary studies propose that the peptide may modulate gastric functions, offering insights into potential therapeutic applications.

Alarelin Acetate Peptide and Endometrial Carcinoma

Exploratory research suggests that Alarelin Acetate may have implications in the field of oncology, particularly in addressing endometrial carcinoma. Studies indicate that the peptide could be involved in pathways relevant to cancer development and progress.


Alarelin Acetate Vials serve as a valuable tool for researchers delving into the multifaceted applications of the Alarelin Acetate Peptide. From studies related to reproductive health and gastric functions to investigations into potential oncological implications, the vials provide a controlled and reliable platform for experimentation.


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