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Agomelatine Powder

CAS Number 138112-76-2
Molar Mass 243.3 g/mol
Chemical Structure C15H17NO2
IUPAC Name N-[2-(7-methoxynaphthalen-1-yl)ethyl]acetamide


Agomelatine Powder is a research compound exclusively designed for research purposes, and it is not intended for human consumption. This compound has garnered attention within the scientific community for its unique properties and potential applications in various research domains. Researchers have turned to Agomelatine Powder to explore its effects on various biological processes, offering insights into its potential applications and benefits in research.

Key Characteristics

Agomelatine Powder stands out due to its interactions with biological systems, primarily involving the melatonergic and serotonergic pathways. Researchers have been drawn to its distinctive features related to mood regulation, sleep-wake cycle modulation, and potential impacts on cognitive functions, making it a promising subject of research.

Research Applications

Agomelatine Powder has found applications in various research areas, particularly in the fields of neuroscience and psychiatry. Its potential applications encompass research on mood disorders, sleep disorders, and the investigation of its interaction with neurological systems. The compound’s versatile characteristics make it a valuable asset for studies addressing mood-related conditions and sleep regulation.

Research Benefits

Mood Regulation

Research studies have indicated that Agomelatine Powder may play a role in mood regulation, particularly in the management of mood disorders. This benefit is of significance for researchers aiming to better understand and address mood-related conditions.

Sleep-Wake Cycle Modulation

Agomelatine Powder exhibits properties associated with the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. Researchers have explored its potential in addressing sleep disorders and promoting healthier sleep patterns.

Cognitive Functions

Studies have suggested that Agomelatine Powder may impact cognitive functions. This benefit has the potential to provide valuable insights into its role in cognitive enhancement and neurological processes.


Agomelatine Powder is a research compound with promising applications in the fields of neuroscience and psychiatry. Its unique characteristics in mood regulation, sleep-wake cycle modulation, and potential impacts on cognitive functions offer valuable avenues for research. It is crucial to emphasize that Agomelatine Powder is exclusively intended for research purposes and should not be considered for human consumption.


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